Peddling For Pangolins

Peddling For Pangolins

Conserv Earth ambassadors Izelle Van Aswegen and Larissa Brink will be “Peddling For Pangolins” at this years Cape Town Cycle Tour in aid of pangolin conservation. Any funds raised will be donated towards the focus for the year, which is a pangolin rehabilitation facility situated in Limpopo, South Africa. The facility is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and safe reintroduction of pangolins that have been confiscated from illegal wildlife trade. The success of the programme relies on reintroducing pangolins into continually monitored and protected areas and tagging them with UHF/VHF and satellite tags. Providing a safe and suitable habitat is crucial for the long-term survival of this vulnerable species.

To donate, CLICK HERE and head over to our “Make A Difference Page” and choose a method that suits. 

It costs an average of R100 000 per pangolin from time of capture until it is released. This is based on an average period of 6-8 weeks of care, which may be longer or shorter depending on the individual pangolins condition. After release, they are actively monitored for about 12 months before the pangolin “graduates”.

It is such a worthy cause for an animal that cannot protect itself… Donate and receive further feedback and information the project.

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