Conservation Update

Conservation Update

We have an incredible six months thus far for the year 2023. There has been a number of projects that we have been involved in with, these include everything from saving animals that have been entrapped in snares to assisting with rhino dehorning’s and rhino ear notching. It really has been amazing to be part of saving the very animals that we share our environment with.

The year started off with saving an elephant cow that had an old snare wound as well as a large cavity that had developed underneath the foot due to the snare, the cow also had a calf so this was a crucial operation in the sense that it actually saved two animals. Without our intervention, the animal would most likely have passed on as well as the calf would not have survived without its mother. We have recently had updates on the elephant and the feedback suggests that she is doing well and is on her way to a full recovery.

The rhino dehorning is always a bitter sweet operation to be involved with as it is a sad reality that the horns need to be taken off but at the same time it truly is special that we are taking away the incentive for the poachers to poach these majestic animals. Rhino poaching really saw an increase from about 2013 and has been a large threat since. Since the dehorning operations started to take place from 2019, there has been a decrease in the number of animals being poached and this just proves as to how effective the dehorning has been. With regard to the rhino ear nothing, this is done to ensure that the rhino can be counted as well as monitored throughout the various reserves, this plays a crucial role in the sense that the various reserves are able to keep an eye on individual rhino. We will continue to play a part in saving this incredible species.

The pangolin research and rehabilitation is really doing well with a number of pangolin being released back into their natural habitat with monitoring to ensure that they are doing well after their release. With the collaboration of a few undisclosed reserves, we have achieved new heights in the sense of changing fencing structures as well as the security aspects for these incredible animals. It has been amazing to be involved with saving this iconic species and there is a lot of exciting developments to come in the near future.

We have also had a number of call outs for snared animals that we have been able to assist with and save, by making use of a helicopter to locate and dart the animal whilst working with world renowned vets is what males these operations a great success. By receiving the donations, this makes a tremendous difference in the sense that we can continue to save our natural wildlife.

We do what we do not because we have to or because it is a job but rather because we love what we do and have a passion for conservation. We will always be there to lend a helping hand to the environment, big or small we help them all.

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