Conserv Earth and Khumba Ncila update

Conserv Earth and Khumba Ncila update

Thanks to a collaboration between Kwikbuild cement and BuildIt Hazyview, Conserv Earth was able to donate 80 bags of cement to help build the new Khumba Ncila animal clinic. This clinic will serve the local communities cattle and domestic animals so that their livelihoods and local economy can grow. 

This comes with huge benefits not only for the community members but actually more so for their beloved animals. This centre will provide a safe and clean space for animals of all kinds, from cattle and goats, to cats and dogs, this will be a service like no other that has never been available before. We are excited and to be part of this incredible initiative and to see the benefits that everyone will reap form the clinic.

This project update has been a long time coming and we are very excited fro Khumba Ncila and Dr Bjorn. Currently, there is a mobile clinic that visits various sights in the community on a daily basis, trying to ensure that all animals are seen to and treated. This is time consuming and although it makes a huge difference, a clinic will multiply the number of animals that can be seen. It will also then play host to the sterilisation campaigns that Khumba Ncila run.  

The animal clinic will allow for a more suitable area for the treatment of the various animals and will have additional facilities to keep animals for prolonged periods of time, as a result this will mean that more animals are seen to in a safe and secure environment.

The clinic will have many aspects that will be added onto it and these will include the following; a laboratory whereby Dr Bjorn the vets will be able to take blood and tissue samples and get immediate results, this will also allow for not only the lab work to be on site but also teach his apprentices how it is done. This is great for the animals, as well as ensuring a positive future for our next generation of vets. There will also be outdoor stables that will be able to keep a few of the larger animals that may need monitoring for longer periods. These stables will be spacious and covered by a roof as well as having water and feeding troughs. There will also be a fenced area that the animals are able to move around and stretch their legs during the course of the day. Within the clinic there will be a surgical room for the more the serious cases and this will allow for the vets to work in a more secure, better lit environment that will most likely result in a much higher success rate than what is currently being done out in the field. There will be a small shop that will be selling food supplies as well as medication for the animals and this will ensure that the community are able to get advice and the correct food for the various animals. There will be cages that are safe and secure for cats and dogs that can be kept overnight, correct equipment such as IV-line holders and heart regulators will be installed to ensure the animals comfort. One of the best aspects and cutest would be that of the puppy training. It truly is something magical to see the bond that is created by the pets and their owners, it is amazing to watch them learn and grow together. This clinic build is a real “game changer” for the project and the community around the Sabi Sand Reserve. 

Thank you to the Savanna Communuty trust, Khumba Ncila for their hard work, and Kwikbuild Cement and Build It Hazyview for the donation.

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