Conserv Earth – Animal Shelter Update

Conserv Earth – Animal Shelter Update


Woodrock Animal Rescue assists homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted animals that would otherwise have miserable lives and premature deaths – animals who have no voice of their own! Conserv Earth donated a critical Idexx Catalyst One blood chemistry machine to the Woodrock animal rehabilitation centre. It has dramatically helped aid their clinic in diagnosing and identifying any ailments, diseases or deficiencies for all their animals at the shelter. 


Dog Town SA is a sanctuary for “dogs who have lost their families or have been rescued from dire situations. Every day the dedicated team at Dogtown provide individual care to each of these dogs in a peaceful, tranquil setting while they wait for their forever homes. Conserv Earth donated grass to the Dogtown facility to be used for some of their kennels. This helps keep temperatures down, provide comfortable living conditions and really helps with the condition of the dogs paws. Thank you to the Grass Factory and Eco Organics for supplying the grass and aiding in the transportation and delivery to Dogtown. 


The mission of Four Paws is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals. In their urban surroundings, the main categories are: squatter camp animals and feral cats. Conserv Earth assisted by funding the repairs of one of their vehicles as well as by covering some of their their veterinary bills.

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