Guardians Of Nature

Guardians Of Nature

On the 15th of June, Joffers McCormick joined the South African Wildlife College pass out parade for the new field rangers that received their qualifications to become guardians of nature. They will now put their skills to the test in protecting our ever so special wildlife and aiding in the protection of the remaining rhino that inhabit the Lowveld region of South Africa. It was an amazing event to be part of and we as Conserv Earth are immensely proud of the student’s that endured a gruelling six-week training course. The course involves everything from firearm training to bush survival skills. They students do not get a break during their course which ensures that only the best of the best make it through the tough training program. As the now qualified field rangers marched onto the field, we as the spectators of the parade all got chills knowing that these are the individuals responsible for ensuring the survival of the various species for our future generations to come. They marched proudly on the field to give their final display before getting a well-earned rest prior to being deployed into the various reserves.

Two of the students shared some of what the experience had been like, hearing the hardships that they had to overcome as a team and listening to their success stories really did become emotional. To see individuals that are dedicating their lives to save the natural environment is something truly magical. They marched up proudly to receive their certificates and shake the hand of their commander, a few of which were so proud that they had a tear dripping down their cheek.

The families of the field rangers that had all made an effort to join for the parade were all very excited and created an unbelievable atmosphere, the loud clapping, singing and dancing really did show as to how much goes into becoming a guardian of nature. Hearing the families and spectators singing songs of hope was something out of this world and just showed the respect and admiration their families have for them.

Taking note of the difference that this makes not only to the field rangers but also to that of the environment makes us as Conserv Earth extremely proud that we are able to assist with the students courses, their clothing and hats that the don. This is a project that we will continue to support and help to make a difference.  After handing over our donations, a small speech was to follow. The commander of the unit then gave his final words of wisdom and once again and congratulated all of the new field rangers. We said a prayer and then came the time for the unit to smile, relax and celebrate their amazing achievement. This was unforgettable experience that we look forward to having many more of in the future to come.

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