Mkuze Environmental Camp Overview

Mkuze Environmental Camp Overview

Simon and the team at the Mkuze Environmental Camp have done a sterling job!!! After providing all the amenities and setting the camp up to be operational, we have been able to provide funding for 10 camps to take place in 2023. This means that 233 students form the surrounding communities have been exposed to the wonders of the natural world in the Mkuze Game Reserve.  Sponsorship entails transport, food and beverage, accommodation and the activities on the reserve. 

The students are brought in for the weekend, partake in various activities that Simon and his team run, and learn about the importance of keeping these natural spaces as functional as possible. This education is so vital as it plants the seed for future conservation ambassadors and leaders, as well as a driver for a career opportunity as these students ago forward in life. 

We are looking forward to a productive 2024, and hope to grow our support and keep the existing passion and drive going.

Thank you to Simon Nxumalo and Eduard Goosen, the two champions of this project. Without their passion and commitment, this would not be possible and the camp would not have the impact that it is having.  

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