Of the earth's surface is covered by

Protected Areas

Conserv Earth Model


  • Facilitate Natural processes.
  • Create sustainable living opportunities.
  • Improve the livelihoods of people living outside protected areas.
  • Make communities custodians of their own land.
  • Improve and sustain protected areas.


  • Facilitate the connection of non-profit organisations, communities, protected areas, individuals and the private sector.
  • Collaborate with educational and training facilities for skills development.
  • Connect the private wealth sector with sustainable projects.
  • Connect land for biodiversity through corridors and buffer zones.
  • Collaborate with other non-profits to provide key resources to protected areas.


  • Re-wild and rehabilitate land where biodiversity has been lost.

  • Maintain and restore existing protected areas.

Structure of Support

In order to fully protect our natural spaces and protected areas, conservation must happen within and on the outside of these areas. This means that in conjunction with improving the security and biological diversity of the existing protected areas, we also need to improve the livelihoods of the people living in the surrounding areas. Protected areas need to benefit these people. These people need to recognise that the loss of these areas would be detrimental to their livelihoods. 


Supportive Communities

  • Human populations safe and secure.
  • Secure livelihoods.
  • Conservation and protected areas seen as essential for the local economy.
  • The protection and management of natural resources.


Protected Area Natural Asset

  • Effective management.
  • Skilled rangers.
  • Fully equipped.
  • Good working relationship with the surrounding communities.
  • Monitoring.

Working with communities

How do we improve livelihoods of people on the outside of protected areas and make them custodians of their own land?

Providing Capacity

Provide capacity within and outside protected areas.

Empowering People

  1. Education and up-skilling.
  2. Entrepreneurship programmes.
  3. Sustainable living practices.

Protected Areas

Building and developing positive relationships between conservationists and community members.

Working with protected areas

How do we improve and sustain existing protected areas?

Decreased Pressure

Decrease the pressure on protected areas by working with the communities on the outside.


Building and developing positive relationships between conservationists and community members.

Necessary Tools

Providing the necessary tools to ensure that protected area managements can perform as they are mandated to.

Provision Of:

This includes the provision of:

  • Key field staff.
  • Equipment.
  • Covering operational costs.


How do we enable people and wildlife to coexist with resilience on one earth?

Wildlife Species

For the continued existence of wildlife species, we need to connect protected areas through corridors, expand their ranges through buffer zones and increase the land available to them through the development of new protected areas.


People need to see the benefit of natural spaces in order for them to want to protect them.

Protected Areas

People can benefit from the creation of new reserves through:

  • Job creation.
  • Sustainable access to resources.
  • Improved livelihoods from increased  employment rates.

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