Planting trees and making a difference

Planting trees and making a difference

On the 26th of September 2023 we facilitated a tree planting project with sponsors and partners such as Kwikbuild Cement, Kwiktile, BuildIt Hazyview, Food and Trees For Africa and the Savanna Community Trust. This project was conducted not only to give back to nature, but to assist with the offset of carbon emissions. This was also a wonderful initiative to give back to the Justicia community by providing them with some much needed trees, and help this particular area that has been decimated by firewood harvesting. The project provided an important educational aspect as to the importance of trees, how to plant them, and how to care for them. This will ensure that the community reaps the maximum benefit in the years to come.

It was an inspirational experience to be part of and a real “feel good” project knowing that this initiative is going to bring smiles across the community as well as help our environment for the future generations to come. By lending a helping hand to the community members and bringing all teams and stakeholders together,  the importance of team work and a strong sense of community was on display. The overall lesson that we need to look after and protect our own spaces round our homes was a real factor. 

The day started off by all arriving with feelings of excitement and purpose. We were greeted by a number of community members who came along to show their gratitude as well as to lend a helping hand with the actual planting of the trees. A few speeches were made explaining as to why we have conducted the project, which was then followed by a tree educational class.

 We were then treated to a magical performance by the local community choir, and the overall atmosphere around what was being done was just amazing to be a part of. Hearing the choir sing a traditional song called “Shosholoza” really did send goose bumps through the room, as well as get everyone excited about the project. The choir assisted in keeping the energy levels up as they sang traditional African songs whilst we all planted trees. Going back to our roots so to say… Hearing the harmony of the choir while planting and all working together gave us all a feeling of belonging and united as one unit. As we planted there were many smiles, laughs and stories told. Seeing everyone work together was exceptional to experience and not something we witness on a regular basis.

We will continue to work together alongside the other sponsors to ensure that we can continue to make a difference in many lives. By working together, we can achieve the impossible and be the pioneers of joining hands in hand the community and nature. There is soon to be over five hundred trees planted. In only just a few years we will be able to reforest areas that surround our beautiful wilderness. As once said by Nelson Mandela “It is in our hands, to make a better world for all who live in it”.

Thank you to all who were involved and participated, a wonderful day!!!

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