Preservation is key

Preservation is key

Our team at Conserv Earth recently joined for a collaborative effort with Kwikbuild Cement and Build It Hazyview. The Sabi Sand Nature Reserve needed to update their anti-poaching canine kennels, and the Khumba Ncila Project also needed assistance with some cement for their animal clinic. The initiative took place on Nelson Mandela day and we assisted by providing 80 bags of cement, donated by Kwikbuild and then delivered by Build It to the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve. The cement is being used for two projects, firstly to upgrade the K9 kennels for the anti-poaching unit within the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve and secondly, the remaining bags of cement will be used for the Khumba Ncila project to assist with the building of the new animal clinic.


The organizing of the cement as well as delivery took less than twenty-four hours and this really showed us everyone’s commitment to the project. We had previously donated 80 bags of cement in April that were used in the building of the animal clinic. This clinic will be a place where the locals from the surrounding communities are able to take their sick and injured animals for checks up and operations as well as provides a safe secure area for recovery. Not only are the community members benefiting from having the animal clinic but also that of the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve will have a revamped kennel for their working dogs.  


It is vitally important that we all work together for these types of projects and to ensure that we are all taking care of one another and at the same time looking after the very animals that offer us comfort as well as play a vital role in protecting endangered species. We are hoping to see the new clinic operational by September 2023. This is going to create a great link between the community and the reserve. These two aspects really do work hand in hand and by assisting one, we are indirectly aiding the other. This relationship proves to be of vital importance when it comes to protecting our natural environment and through these types of projects and educational aspects, this is what will make it a success to keep our wilderness area’s intact for the future generations to come.


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