Project Pangolin – News from the field

Project Pangolin – News from the field

It is with great pleasure that we can say it has been a wonderful year for Conserv Earth’s focus project. We have made great strides on the Pangolin Buffer fence around the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve! The team has completed 20km of fencing, with it being 100% effective in stopping electrocutions. The goal is to finish the entire reserve, and we will allocate more funding from the golf day to keeping the fence going.  We have also covered the salary for a full time pangolin monitor within the SSNR team, and Ros-Amy will play a pivotal role in driving the project forward, with the guidance of the SSNR management team. 

Pangolin rehabilitation and protection is so vital as poaching has ramped up in the last year. Rehabilitation facilities are working their magic, and we are actively facilitating the release of pangolins so that can get a chance at living a wild existence. Released pangolins will have sponsored tracking tags fitted so that the data obtained can be used to really get an understanding of these shy and secretive creatures’ population dynamics, movements and territory sizes and their feeding habits. 

We have some really exciting initiatives relating to the project for next year which we will share in due course, but we are delighted that we will be focusing on Project Pangolin again for 2024. The project has had so much support and the success it has gained has attracted some amazing sponsorships. Animal Survival International (ASI)  have run a campaign for us that raised R42 000, and we will match that up to R100 00 to donate to the SSNR and keep the fence going. Chamberlain’s have also pledged their wholehearted support for our golf day fundraiser next year, and with this we will be well set to reach our targets!!! 

Thank you to all involved (Sabi Sand Nature Reserve, Care For Wild, Inyati Private Game Reserve, ProVet and Umoya Khulula), you all just amazing!

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