Waterberg Landscape Alliance – License Plate Recognition Cameras

Waterberg Landscape Alliance – License Plate Recognition Cameras

R1 million donated to securing the Waterberg Biosphere

 The Waterberg is historically an important area for rhino conservation. This importance has only increased exponentially, as both Kruger and Kwa-Zulu Natal rhino populations have been decimated by poaching. There are two reasons for this. One, the area has a low human population, few roads and a huge amount of land invested in conservation (contiguous conservation zone of more than 3 million hectares – as game farms and reserves). Secondly, the Waterberg security situation is in a good space with crime generally being kept in check. There has been a very systematic, well planned and coordinated program with continual interventions that have proven successful in deterring criminal networks and this has made it possible to protect many of the rhinos even in the face of persistent rhino poaching. 

Baby Rhino Rescue and Conserv Earth met after a chance encounter in the Waterberg when a current rhino conservation project brought us together. The synergy was immediately apparent, and after a few discussions we decided we should work together and do something special. It was decided it should be project focused, work in collaboration and raise funds for a specific cause. We all decided on an awesome “Golf Day” with the goal of raising funds for license plate recognition cameras within the the Waterberg Biosphere. The Waterberg Landscape Alliance NPC  are spearheading this project and we decided that the funds will be allocated 100% towards the cost of technology and infrastructure that will directly increase the security potential of the area and thereby to all rhino in the area

We are very proud to announce that all the funds for the “Golfing for Rhinos” golf day have been allocated successfully to Save The Waterberg Rhino. R530 000 worth of camera equipment, time and energy… This was then matched by an anonymous donor, so in essence we raised R1 060 000. This was a joint project run by Baby Rhino Rescue and Conserv Earth, all to raise funds for the license plate recognition cameras in the Waterberg Biosphere. These critical cameras aid in security and are vital for protection of rhino in the region. The cameras have all been purchased, installed and are operational. 

Thank you to all who took part in the day, your support and generous donations have made a real and tangible difference! This is such a ‘big” and real conservation effort, as this will help protect the rhinos during the Christmas period which is notorious for spike sin poaching!!! We cannot share specific images of the process and cameras themselves due to security concerns, but please know that we have achieved what we set out to accomplish, and the rhinos are in good hands… 

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