South African Wildlife College Projects update

South African Wildlife College Projects update

Conserv Earth Supports a number of projects at the South African Wildlife College. The college does some incredible work in in many sectors within conservation, but we thought it would be great to share some of their statistics on the projects that we support.

K9 Unit Project

Conserv Earth (CE) is providing the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) with monthly support for their K9 Unit. The CE funds were being used for the welfare and training of a few of their dogs that will go into the field on active duty. The below image shows the statistics of what has been achieved to date. 

Aerial Wing Support

Conserv Earth is supporting the Southern African Wildlife College with 2 hours of flying time each month. The hours in the air are used for reacting to poaching incidents and deploying rangers and the K9 Unit into the field. The aircraft is also used for gathering statistical data on threatened species and their movements, thereby allowing for better informed personnel on the ground. Have a look at the below infographic on what they have achieved and where. Incredible work!

We will continue to support both the K9 project and the aerial wing, and as we grow and our donations increase, we look at ways to help more and more.

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